How the Library and Archives Uncovers Alberta’s Legacy of Discrimination


  • Bashir Mohamed


Did you know Alberta had at least three civil rights cases related to Black Albertans? This fact directly contradicts myths that Alberta was immune to the same segregation and discrimination that occurred in the United States. This talk will cover these cases and how the library and archives can be effective in showcasing these stories.

Author Biography

Bashir Mohamed

Bashir Mohamed is an Edmonton based writer that focuses on the history of discrimination in Alberta and how it relates to modern legacies and problems. His work has appeared in CBC, Star Edmonton, the Canadian Encyclopedia and the Globe and Mail. He has also been featured in the Guardian. Bashir’s talk will focus on Alberta’s history of systemic discrimination and will primarily pull from archival material from the University of Alberta and the Provincial Archives of Alberta.





Presentations (15 min. + 5 min. for questions)