Emerging Themes in Academic Research in Urban Aboriginal Identities in Canada, 1996-2010

Evelyn J. Peters



This paper reviews academic work on urban Aboriginal identities in Canada since the publication of the urban issue-specific report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, published in 1993. In contrast to earlier work, there is now a substantial body of literature addressing a variety of issues on the report from many disciplinary perspectives. There have also been some major shifts in areas of emphasis and there is, increasingly, material being produced that examines the mechanisms through which cities are defined so that Aboriginal cultures and identities are viewed as being out of place. In contrast to earlier perspectives, there are strong arguments that success in the urban milieu is not incompatible with the retention or emergence of positive Aboriginal identities and communities.


urban Aboriginal identities

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5663/aps.v1i1.9242

Support: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada