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poetry about art, ekphrasis, translating images into text, poetic inquiry


This set of poems emerges from the flashpoint at the intersection of art, text, translation, and meaning-making. Several result directly from a class field trip with art educator Terry Barrett’s to the Columbus Museum of Art. We wrote during prolonged interactions with particular pieces. Others result from reflecting on making and remembering. The title of this collection, “imprint,” operates on multiple levels. There is the imprint of the text itself, the prints of the photos, the fictional prints and printmaking referenced, the mental images burned into memory, the lasting impression. There is something magical about trying to translate evanescent ideas, unformed understandings, and ephemeral moments into something more, something lasting, something to keep. These poems represent an attempt to capture something fleeting and slippery also in words. They are an attempt to pause, to contemplate in slower cadence, to ponder the surfeit of signs. They are an attempt to notice, to echo, to share and spark connections. They are an assemblage of images told in fractured pieces, bundled together, and shared.  

Author Biography

Mindi Rhoades, The Ohio State University

Mindi Rhoades is an Assistant Professor of Teaching + Learning in the College of Education + Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. Mindi’s degrees in English, English Education, and Art Education support her current interests in interdisciplinary arts-based research, teaching, learning, and activism. Her recent publications focus on adapting dramatic inquiry into art education, multimodal texts and literacies, art-making as meaning-making, and intersections of art with equity, diversity, and social justice.


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