Rhizome (Re)imagined


  • Anar Rajabali The University of British Columbia




A/r/tography, Poetic inquiry, Spirituality, Contemplative Pedagogy


As an a/r/tographer, I take up the invitation to contemplate and complicate alternative notions of space and time (Irwin & Springgay, 2008, p. xx). In my poem Rhizome in the Sky, I (re)imagine and (re)conceptualize Deleuze and Guattari’s (1997) metaphor of the rhizome with its interconnected complexity, multiplicity and in-between spaces that “desires, moves and produces” (p. 15). I then take these underground roots that deepen down in the dark earth and I place it in the sky, where I extend these lines of flight into points of light, the branches reaching out heavenward on an endless journey of perpetual becomings. I methodologically affirm, “any elongated form reaches out toward the height, [reaches] toward light” (Bachelard, 1988, p. 259). In the symbolic potency of the poetic image through the lens of spiritual revealing, is where its transcendental power cannot be reduced to the horizontal (Laude, 2004). 

Author Biography

Anar Rajabali, The University of British Columbia

Anar Rajabali is a PhD candidate in Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia. As a poet, Anar is intrigued with the kinship between poetic discourse and spiritual expression. As an English Educator, Anar’s work embraces the role that poetry can play in inviting the contemplative into the classroom. Her research promotes how aesthetic encounters can foster spiritual literacy in pedagogical practices. 



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