Recuperating Conflict: Between Critical Generosity and Antagonistic Activation

  • Justin Langlois Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Keywords: social practice, antagonism, conflict, artist residencies, collaboration, collectivism


In this paper, I will argue that small scale conflict and disagreement in civic life are a vernacular part of our social experience and yet, in the hands of artists, they can actively work against larger hegemonic structures and help foster new expressions of agency and democratic action. By examining a number of socially engaged art projects I developed as the research director of the artist collective, Broken City Lab, and by situating this work in relation to a number of core ideas exploring notions of antagonism, I propose a tactical recuperation of the idea of conflict in order to see it as a core part of our democratic social lives.

Author Biography

Justin Langlois, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Justin Langlois is an artist, educator, and organizer. His practice explores collaborative structures, critical pedagogy, and infrastructural frameworks. He is currently the Associate Dean of the Master of Fine Arts program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and lives as an uninvited guest on unceded Coast Salish Territory.


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