An Inspirited Artistic Co-Inquiry with Raw Energy




creation-centred research, spontaneous creation-making, inter)intra relational aesthetic, storying, métissage, visual art, poetry, decolonizing


This is the first article of an in-process, creation-centred research project exploring raw energy through the authors’ distinctive and complementary inquiry practices of creation-centred research (St. Georges, 2020, in press) and spontaneous creation-making (Bickel, 2020; Bickel & Fisher, 1993). Raw energy, as conceived, is experienced as spirit-in-motion in a process of manifestation—of making the invisible visible—and is rooted in an intra)inter-relational aesthetic. This creation-centred inquiry is a relational and animated approach to creating, inquiry, learning, unlearning, and teaching. It resists the colonial lens by virtue of exploring inner subjective space, relinquishing colloquial aesthetic constraints, and enveloping a sacred space in which to restore, heal, and decolonize the imagination. Led by breath)spirit, touch, intuition, experiential and conversational exchanges, and compassionate relationships, creative lifeforce is activated to forge new ways of knowing—moving toward the extraordinary. This article engages with theoretical and explanatory text, visual and poetic storying, and interactive breath that invites the reader into this inquiring journey.

Author Biographies

Darlene St. Georges, University of Lethbridge

Darlene St. Georges, PhD,  is a creation-centred artist scholar. Her practice-based and theoretical research invites innovation in learning and an unfolding metamorphosis of scholarship in provocative, creative, and intellectual ways. Darlene is co-editor of Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal.

Barbara Bickel, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Barbara Bickel is an artist, researcher, teacher, and Emeritus Faculty of Art Education, Southern Illinois University who practices socially-engaged art with human and more-than-human worlds. She is co-founder of Studio M*: A Collaborative Research Creation Lab Intersecting Arts, Culture & Healing, author of Art, Ritual and Trance Inquiry: Arational Learning in an Irrational World and co-editor of Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal.



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St. Georges, D., & Bickel, B. (2022). An Inspirited Artistic Co-Inquiry with Raw Energy . Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal, 7(1), 210–256.