On Space, On Place

A Poetic Self-Study of the Emerging Academic Identity of an International Doctoral Student


  • Anh Ngoc Quynh Phan University of Auckland




academic identity, space, place, international doctoral student, poetic inquiry, self-study


Using poetic self-study, the author recounted her own lived experiences during the first year as an international doctoral student in New Zealand to explore how her academic identity emerged and (re)constructed. The article draws on theories of space and place, investigating the spatial production and social interactions of the author within spaces that, in turn, influenced her sense of being an academic. While literature has been more concerned with the questions of what activities, relations, and contexts contribute to the academic identity development of doctoral students, the author seeks to forefront the where of academic identity configuration.

Author Biography

Anh Ngoc Quynh Phan, University of Auckland

Anh Ngoc Quynh, Phan  is currently a PhD candidate in Education at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her doctoral project explores Vietnamese doctoral graduates’ mobility, identity, sense of belonging, and sense of home. Her research interests include inter alia transnationalism, migration, mobility, diaspora, identity, doctoral education, teacher education, and researcher development. Anh is working with various qualitative methodologies, such as narrative inquiry, critical autoethnography, collaborative autoethnography, and poetic inquiry.




How to Cite

Phan, A. N. Q. (2022). On Space, On Place: A Poetic Self-Study of the Emerging Academic Identity of an International Doctoral Student. Art/Research/International:/A/Transdisciplinary/Journal, 7(1), 186–209. https://doi.org/10.18432/ari29638