A Review of Teachers and Teaching On Stage and On Screen

Dramatic Depictions


  • Amy Mortimer University of the Sunshine Coast




pedagogues, identity, artistic representation


This piece is a review of Teachers and Teaching on Stage and on Screen: Dramatic Depictions, edited by Diane Conrad and Monica Prendergast (2019). Mortimer’s personal poetic response opens the review to honour her artistic ways of knowing and responding to the content. The book’s contributing authors, all educators, provide diverse cultural, social, and socio-economic perspectives and insights into how teachers and teaching are represented in film and on stage. Conrad and Prendergast’s book invites a range of audiences (from pre-service teachers to academics) to reflect on dramatic depictions of teachers and to use them to deepen understandings of the complexities of teaching, schooling, and students—and, if readers are teachers themselves, to examine their own practice.

Author Biography

Amy Mortimer, University of the Sunshine Coast

Amy Mortimer has worked across primary and tertiary education in Australia for over 15 years. Her doctorate employed arts-informed inquiry to explore the role of creative writing workshops in fostering creativity in primary school classrooms. Amy’s university work encompasses contemporary pedagogical approaches and Arts curriculum. 




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Mortimer, A. (2023). A Review of Teachers and Teaching On Stage and On Screen : Dramatic Depictions . Art/Research/International:/A/Transdisciplinary/Journal, 8(1), 346–351. https://doi.org/10.18432/ari29651