Message from the Co-Editors

At this point in time, we are happy to announce that the “Canadian Journal of Family and Youth” has been in operation for five years.  We have had a number of articles submitted (from local, national and international authors) and we have published over twenty of their works in our various issues, along with book reviews.  These published articles cover a wide range of interests from the restructuring of child welfare programs to adolescents and their ability to cope with parental military deployments to the experiences of daughters living with single parent fathers. This diversity of interests, with a common frame of reference of family and youth, allows the journal to assume a distinctive place among other academic journals within the Canadian academic milieu.

We would like to thank those authors who have submitted their work, the numerous reviewers who have commented on the articles, our online associates (David Fischer, and the University of Alberta service providers) and the members of the Department of Sociology at MacEwan University who have supported our efforts to establish the journal as an academic publication of quality, importance, and value to not only those in academia but to the general public as well.  Without the volunteer efforts of many, this journal would not be in the successful position that we find it today and we are very grateful to all of those who have helped us with this publishing endeavor.      

We would also like to mention a few important facts about the policy of this journal as questions do arise from time to time.  Unlike many other academic journals, we are committed to providing online knowledge to all interested individuals without subscription or membership fees.  As mentioned above, the work involved with the journal is done on a volunteer basis and as such we do not obtain any profit from the articles that we publish.  In addition, we are not associated with, or directed by, any corporate publishing houses nor do we put any time restrictions or membership restrictions on articles that are published.  We strongly believe in the open access online publishing forum and intend to continue in our efforts to provide information in this fashion to our readers.

As a final comment, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who might be interested in working with us on the journal.  If you are interested in volunteering (to review papers or write book reviews), please feel free to contact us. It would be appreciated if you would include your credentials and academic affiliation when emailing.

Once again, we would like to thank all of those individuals who are, or have been, associated with the journal and we look forward to many more years of publishing the journal in the future. 



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