South Asian Canadian Young Men and Women’s Interest Development in Science: Perception of Contextual Influences

Priya S. Mani


The purpose of this descriptive case study was to examine the contextual and cultural influences on interest development in science for 24 Canadian South Asian young adults. Within this study, aspects pertaining to socialization with respect to self-efficacy and outcome expectations of engaging in the sciences, are consistent with existing formulations on South Asian families. Additionally, the study provides information as to the relationship between South Asian young adults’ cultural identification to contend with decision-making and perceptions of efficacy (individual and collective efficacy). Finally, this study broadens our understanding of how South Asians develop an interest in the sciences and the support of parents and siblings in helping participants prepare for their future. Implications for counselling practice and future research are discussed.

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Canadian Journal of Family and Youth / Le Journal Canadien de Famille et de la Jeunesse
2008-2014 | ISSN 1718-9748