Potential and Hypothesized Determinants of the Positive and Negative Effects as a Result of Pornography Use in Dyadic Relationships


  • Isha Leibel




In this literature review, I will be looking at the different potential and hypnotized determinants of positive and negative effects pornography has on dyadic relationships. Specifically, I recognize three of the most frequently mentioned and studied areas of concern that are discussed in the body of literature. These three areas are: attitudes towards pornography, partnered, solitary and/or non-existent pornography use, and frequency of pornography use. A plethora of mixed effects are found, both positive and negative, and suggestions for future research is made. Theses suggestions include three additional areas to focus on, which include: content of pornography, transparency of pornography use between partners, a more in-depth look at different relationship commitment levels, and how all three of these relate to positive and negative impacts on a dyadic relationship.