The Impact of Cultural Values, Family Involvement and Health Services on Mental Health and Mental Illness

Anastasia Tarnovetskaia and Linda Hopper Cook


This paper explores the impact of cultural values, the role of the family, access to and usage of culturally acceptable health services for three distinct Canadian cultural groups. Specifically the paper examines the mind/body/spirit connection, the cultural impact of formal or informal social support, as well as access and willingness to seek help in the context of mental health among Canadian Aboriginals, Chinese and Asian Indian cultures. Three diseases that have been documented only within Canadian Aboriginal, Chinese and Asian Indian cultures are also examined. Through using examples from three separate and very distinct cultures, this paper hopes to foster a greater cross-cultural understanding of mental health and mental illness.

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Canadian Journal of Family and Youth / Le Journal Canadien de Famille et de la Jeunesse
2008-2014 | ISSN 1718-9748