Does Economic Vulnerability Affect Social Cohersion? Evidence from a Comparative Analysis

Loris Vergolini


This article explores the relationship between social cohesion and social inequalities in Europe. The analysis is built around two main research questions: Does economic inequality exert an impact on the level of social cohesion? Does social class mediate between economic inequality and social cohesion? The comparative analysis is based on the welfare regimes perspective. In particular, I believe that welfare state is relevant because it influences both the relationship between social class and economic inequality, and the link between social cohesion and economic inequality.
The empirical analysis, based on data from the “European Quality of Life Survey” collected by European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in 2003, shows that economic inequality does influence social cohesion and that social class and welfare regime are not fully able to mediate this effect.


Social cohesion; Economic vulnerability; Social class; Welfare regime; Europe

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