Narrative as a Means of Understanding the Multi-Dimensional Benefits of Telehealth: An Exploration of Telehealth Stories

  • Lorraine Mary Carter
  • Linda Muir
  • Doris McLean


These benefits include not only physical benefits but also emotional, psychological, and familial benefits. Special appreciation is expressed to the story tellers who agreed to share their experiences through the Storyboard Project and in this paper.

Author Biographies

Lorraine Mary Carter
Lorraine Mary Carter is the academic director at the Centre for Flexible Teaching and Learning at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. Her educational and research interests include critical thinking, scholarly discussion in online and other technology-enhanced learning settings, technology-enabled education in health care settings, faculty and instructional development, telemedicine, and narrative for educational and therapeutic purposes.
Linda Muir
Linda Muir is the manager of Telehealth Services for Colchester East Hants, Cumberland County, and Pictou County Health Authorities in northern Nova Scotia, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Telehealth Network. Most of her 38-year nursing career was in emergency nursing before switching to telehealth in 1999 as site coordinator at the Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Linda accepted her current leadership role in 2001.
Doris McLean
Doris McLean is a nurse and independent health education management professional who lives and works principally in the Toronto area. Telehealth is an area of special expertise for Doris, who was a lead in an educational module about telehealth for nurses through Centennial College.
Reports of Practice