A Profile of University Continuing Educators in Canada

  • Sandra D. Pearce University of Regina
  • Larry I. Hein Pine Tree Management Skills Inc.
  • Joe F. Donaldson University of Missouri-Columbia


As the field of adult and continuing education matures, it is useful to more fully understand both the nature of practice and the characteristics of practitioners. Although some attention has been devoted to these topics in the literature, this article focuses on those practitioners who work in a university setting. and reports the results of a national study of university continuing educators. The data, which was gathered on a Canada-wide basis, has allowed us to both describe the characteristics and job responsibilities of those working in the field and develop job responsibility profiles. In addition, the study considers questions of gender, academic rank, age, educational levels, and length of experience in university continuing education as important elements in understanding who continuing educators are, and the kind of work they do.