Change, Evolution, and Global Vision-Logic: A Gentle Challenge for Adult Development

  • Irene E. Karpiak The University of Oklahoma


As adult and continuing education practitioners, we encounter the challenges for change that arise from the dramatic shifts that our society and our globe are undergoing. How we respond to these challenges will shape our field and our society--either in the direction of increased harmony or further disorder. Adopting a wider perspective may allow us to take in more of what is happening, thereby offering a broader range of options for understanding and action. Such a wider, more complex, more coherent, and more integrative perspective on ourselves and the world is offered by vision-logic, a stage of consciousness beyond the rational. Drawing on the work of Ken Wilber and other writers in psychology and philosophy, the author examines the qualities associated with vision-logic and the implications of vision-logic for our practice and our own psychological development.
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