The Challenges of Blending a Face-to-Face Laboratory Experience with a Televised Distance Education Course

  • June LeDrew
  • Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous


This article describes the practical challenges faced by instructors who must blend a face- to-face laboratory experience into a distance education course. This issue is discussed in the context of an ongoing kinesiology and health course that includes a mandatory physical activity laboratory experience. The challenges that have arisen around this mandatory laboratory experience over the six-year period that this course has been televised are identified and discussed.

Author Biographies

June LeDrew
June LeDrew, a professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina, works with community-based groups to improve the health of children. She has taught KHS 139 Movement Education on campus, off campus, and in televised formats during her 22 years at the university.
Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous
Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous is currently working on her master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Studies in the area of Sport and Recreation Management, with an interest in special popu- lations. She has worked as a research and teaching assistant in the televised delivery of KHS 139.
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