Early prehistoric sties in Alberta and how they relate to Ahai Mneh (FiPp-33)


  • Jo-anne Schenk BA Graduate of the University of Alberta
  • Gabriel Yanicki Phd Candidate, University of Alberta




A number of projectile points found in the basal cultural deposits at Ahai Mneh are representative of the Early Prehistoric period. In addition to confirming a cultural presence previously only tentatively identifi ed at this hilltop site near Wabamun Lake in central Alberta, these fi ndings add to our understanding of the range of the Agate Basin/Hell Gap phase, a period that is very poorly represented in Alberta archaeolog y. Further, two fragmentary specimens that
are basally concave and exhibit attempts at fl uting or basal thinning appear to be Early Prehistoric in origin; these bear some resemblance to stubby points of the little-known Sibbald phase, although they could also be representative of the later Lusk complex. While only the most tentative of identifi cations can presently be made, they serve as an indicator of multiple Early Prehistoric occupations at Ahai Mneh and highlight a key area of interest for future research at the site.