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Gallagher, Tiffany L.
Gera, Ralucca
Gershon, Walter
Gershon, Walter S, Kent State University
Gilstrap, Donald L.
Gilstrap, Donald L. (United States)
Gilstrap, Donald L., University of Oklahoma
Goh, Sao-Ee, Ministry of Education, Singapore
Gough, Noel
Gough, Noel, La Trobe University (Australia)
Green, Kris
Gregor, Pearl
Grudnoff, Lexie, The University of Auckland
Guanglu, Zhang, Ningbo University (China)
Guevara-Chaves, Porfirio, University of Graz
Gunnlaugson, Olen
Gupta, Anoop
Gurland, Suzanne T., Middlebury College

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