Second Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium - Thank You!


The Constellations Second Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium has officially concluded. This year we hosted presentations on extremely diverse topics such as the Canadian book industry, indigenous homelessness, R. B. Bennett and the Great Depression, domestic violence and gangs in Guatemala, Sherman and the American Civil War, and a comparison of chivalry and knighthood.


We recognize that this conference was not an easy feat for anyone due to the challenges of COVID, being hosted online, and the time constraints on everyone at this time of the year. As such, we would like to take the opportunity to officially thank the following for their role in helping to ensure the success of the symposium this year:

  • All of the audience members who took the time to attend and participate
  • All of the presenters who have bravely offered to share their research during such a tumultuous time: Chloe Simmons, Heather Mark, Julia-Rose Miller, Alyssa Fraser, Anthony Gallipoli, and Karen Vuong
  • The staff at the UofA Libraries as well as the support staff
  • Dr. Heilman for her excellent welcome video and promotion
  • Dr. Lieffers of King’s University for her promotion of the symposium
  • All of the professors who have dedicated time to promoting the symposium
  • The Faculty of Arts and the Department of History, Classics, and Religious Studies for promoting the symposium
  • Finally, we would like to offer a special thanks to Crystal Snyder​, the URI, FURCA, and the Library Publishing Team, who have been instrumental in helping the conference to proceed this year


Thank you so much for an amazing symposium. The Constellations Journal and the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium would never be possible without your support for undergraduate research in history and classics.


Best wishes,

Benedict Agarma and Keenan Walker