Religious Movement as a Necessity for Early Middle Age ‘Heretics’ and the Church

Stephen Eperjesy


The nature of the „Christian Middle Ages‟ in Europe and the interaction of „heretical groups‟ operating within France is anything but the simplistic model that we conjure in our minds when we hear the terms „Christian‟ Europe and „heretics‟. A juggernaut of power embodied by the Church, bending to nothing and rooting out the poor, unintelligent „heretics.‟ This paper will venture to enlighten the reader to the exceedingly complex relationship between the Church and the „heretical‟ groups. Furthermore, examining the membership of the „heretics,‟ their industries as well as modern contributions from leading historians, will allow the reader to see how the Church undertook a policy of accommodation towards „heretics‟ and actively sought to recruit, not necessarily exterminate these heretical groups, in order to invest in the Church itself and strengthen its power base.

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