Welcome to the Fall 2017 Edition

  • Lee Klippenstein and Sean Oliver


We are happy to present the Fall 2017 issue of Constellations journal. Included within are four diverse undergraduate papers ranging vastly in topic. We made a conscious effort to encourage submissions from a wide range of disciplines, provided the work could be broadly considered “historical” in scope. Interdisciplinary cooperation is something that we feel should be celebrated and promoted, and we are currently working with other student journals and organizations to bring an Arts-wide undergraduate research conference to life this spring.

We hope that you enjoy the variety of topics covered in this edition, and appreciate your interest and support in Constellations


We would especially like to thank our review team, without which Constellations would remain starcrossed...


Assistant Editors:

Lucas Nowosaid and Juliana McPhail


Senior Reviewers:

Bronte Wells

Samantha Kallen

Shelby Colling

Liuba Gonzalez De Armas

Yunus Sahin

Alex Hogg

Anastasia Pavlic


General Reviewers:

Emily Haines

Farah Khalid

Miranda Rondeau

Stacy Fairful

Cassidy Munholland

Dana Kanerva

Lexi Brunner

Devonne Brandys

Katie Du

Heather Mark

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Sean Oliver, L. K. (2018). Welcome to the Fall 2017 Edition. Constellations, 9(1). https://doi.org/10.29173/cons29340
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