A Fight of Gender Equality: Our Suffragist Role Models





This paper examines the legacy of Canadian suffragists in the realm of women’s political representation by analyzing some of their successes and failures and the methods in which they used to arrive at those results. Feminist movements and the fight for equality and systemic change are only increasing and becoming more widely participated in as time moves forward, making it of utmost importance to acknowledge our foundational change-makers and to pull lessons from their methods and attempt to apply them to modern-day movement tactics. Using work from various notable authors, such as Carol Bacchi, Erin Steuter and Sue Findlay, this paper follows the suffragists’ path to enfranchisement (the right to vote) and develops bridges between historical and modern feminist calls to action. While it is noted that our time periods are vastly different, many basic elements can be examined, and it is shown that these bridges are crucial to learning how to navigate current and future fights for change with the desired success.




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Hamilton, C. (2021). A Fight of Gender Equality: Our Suffragist Role Models. Constellations, 12(2). https://doi.org/10.29173/cons29461



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