Vol. 12 No. 2 (2021): Winter 2021

University of Alberta Archives, UAA-1969-097-347, Front of Medical Building, 1922.

With the beginning of the fall semester and the recommence of (mostly) in-person classes, the University of Alberta community has seen the first steps towards the return to normalcy as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed our way of daily life. While the pandemic has brought about creative and intuitive solutions that we have adopted in order to continue learning and living life, it is undeniable that there is much excitement surrounding a return to in-person learning on campus.

It is in this environment that the Constellations Undergraduate Journal of History and Classics brings together the Winter 2021 edition. As the second edition of the journal produced entirely via a virtual format, the Winter 2021 edition of the journal has faced a number of challenges on the road to publication which has resulted in its delay. However, despite this delay, Constellations remains fully committed to our goal of continuing to publish and promote excellent undergraduate research in both history and classics, regardless of the pandemic circumstances. As such, we are proud to present to you this edition of the journal, and we thank you for your patience regarding its delay.

Constellations is a student journal that relies immensely upon volunteer reviewers, author submission, and readers for the continuation of the journal. This reliance has become even more important through the pandemic as those reviewers, authors, and readers of the journal stepped up to ensure the continuation of the journal through the challenges it has faced. We are endlessly grateful to everyone who is involved with the journal, as well as every reader of the journal, who have come together to again make another edition of Constellations possible. Thank you.

We look forward to the opportunity to again work hard with everyone on the Fall 2021 edition of the journal, so that Constellations can continue to publish and promote excellent undergraduate research in history and classics.

Stay healthy, best of luck in the new semester, and enjoy the Winter 2021 edition of Constellations!

Keenan Walker and Benedict Agarma, editors

Winter 2021 reviewers:
Laura Bass | Madeleine Beaulieu | Laila Elhenawy | Molly Fandrey | Crystal Huang | Taylor Jeffrey | Nick Kouveletsos | Julia de Milliano | Alanna Molzahn | Colby Parkkila | Matt Uniat | Karen Vuong

Published: 2021-09-30