Bringing the Mixed Constitution Back In


  • Mary Liston University of Alberta



No doubt exists that the separation of powers is a fundamental architectural principle in Canadian public law jurisprudence. But what about the idea of a mixed constitution? A simple CanLII search for “mixed constitution” turns up six cases. In five1 of these cases, the search reveals the following phrases: “pre-mix constituted goods,” “the mix constituting the excavated material,” “the Owners’ mixes constitute ‘bread and rolls’,” “the improper mixing constituted a fraudulent misrepresentation,” and “quality control for the asphalt mix constituted.” Clearly baking and aggregate blends figure largely in constituted mixes, but the constitutional jurisprudential sense is largely absent. That said, concerns about pre-mixing, constituted goods, excavating, improper mixing, and quality control do have some salience for the discussion that follows.