Local Political Arrangements: Education in harmony with the local development

Marli Alves Flores Melo


This paper addresses education, particularly professional, scientific and technological education, in the context of local development, from the prism of productive local arrangements – PLAS. It highlights the effect of globalization on society´s transformations, the restructuring of the sectorial, institutional and organizational dynamics related to educational aspects, the territorial features of the said arrangements, and the actors that are part of them.  We understand that this is a priority in the social construction and an incentive to the scientific education professional development, with regard to the ethical-political nature of individuals.   We point out the need to foster interaction amongst educational institutions in order to   mobilize territorial resources, aiming at local development. We conclude with a few pertinent discussions about the value of education, both in its integral feature and in its adherence to parallel harmonies. 

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18733/C3T889