Call for Book Reviewers

Kathleen Sitter


CPI invites potential book reviewers who will prepare one of two types of book reviews:

  • A somewhat, long review between 1000-1200 words.
  • A précis of approximately 500-750 words.


Each reviewer will be instructed concerning the type of review expected, and given general CPI book review guidelines.


Potential reviewers:  If you wish to write a CPI Book Review, please send an email to with the following letter of interest:

  1. Your name and academic affiliation.
  2. Your current land address (to which the book will be mailed).
  3. Your email address, telephone number &/or skype address.
  4. A professional biography which states:  (i) your academic qualifications; (ii) current academic position; (iii) relevant information which includes: current academic &/or professional interests, previous scholarship, recent publications; (iv) reasons for wanting to write a book review.
  5. If possible, suggestions regarding, either recently published or, forthcoming books (in Canada and internationally) that you think are suitable and warrant review. 

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