Creating a Canvas: Artistic Pedagogies in Academia

  • Kathleen C. Sitter University of Calgary


This Special Issue Artistic Pedagogies in Academiabrings together a collection of articles, visual artefacts, and artistic representations. This Special Issue is inspired by Heron’s (1981) theory of extended epistemology. Extended epistemology refers to four interdependent ways of knowing and experiencing the world: experiential knowing (knowing through a direct encounter with a person, place or thing), presentational knowing (knowing through creative expression such as storytelling, pictures, and dance), propositional knowing (draws on concepts, ideas, and formal statements), and practical knowing (demonstrated in skills and competence; knowing in action) (Heron & Reason, 2008). These interdependent ways of knowing challenges the predominance of propositional knowing as the only approach to learning and provides a conceptual framework to integrate different and creative methods to engage diverse learners.