CPI Welcomes Kathleen Sitter’s Special Issue Artistic Pedagogies in Academia

  • Cecille DePass University of Calgary
  • Ali A. Abdi University of British Columbia


Inspired by Heron’s research on different ways of knowing, as importantly, as a result of her considerable knowledge and expertise in the field, Kathleen Sitter has designed, developed, indeed masterminded and crafted, a very special CPI issue. Textual discourses, in this issue, are often complemented by artworks. Yet, at other times, works from the visual arts occupy centre stage. Within Sitter’s issue, the range of ways of depicting not only, how one knows that one knows, as well as, the who- what- where and whys, become lively players in processes of knowledge-making. For educational purposes, the rich combination of types of texts and artworks demonstrate interactive pedagogies for teaching and learning for social justice.