Strong Girls, Strong Women

  • Rochelle Starr University of Alberta


Young  Indigenous  Women’s  Circle  of  Leadership  (YIWCL)  is  a  Cree  Immersion Program  for young  women  between  the  ages  of  10-16  and  is  housed  within  the  Faculty  of  Education, at  the  University  of  Alberta.  The  intention  of  this  program  is  to  support  the  survival  of  Indigenous  language,  identity 
and  traditional  teachings by providing  young  women  with  access  to  language,  traditions,  ceremonies,  and  land.

Author Biography

Rochelle Starr, University of Alberta
PhD  candidate  in  Indigenous  Peoples  Education at  the  University  of  Alberta, and  the  Director  of  the  Young  Indigenous  Women’s Circle  of  Leadership  (YIWCL).
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