I am Mountain


  • Sarah Jane Moore University of New South Wales




The story of kunanyi, a  mountain  in  Tasmania,  Australia that  has  great  significance  for  Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples described in poetry, story and painting. Hearing  words  and  stories  from  First  Nations  perspectives  in  Tasmania has  inspired  me to compose  and  share  a song  that  embodies  the  creative  spirit  of  the  trees,  the  moon  and  the  stars  and  sings  of  the creatures and  ancestral  spirits that  live  alongside  the mountain. The  mountain’s  story  song  shares  moments  that  begin  on  the mountain,  travel down  the  river  and carry meaning  into  the  sea.

Author Biography

Sarah Jane Moore, University of New South Wales

Sara Jane Moore is  currently  working as a  researcher at  The  University  of  New South Wales,  Australia developing  a creative  and  innovative  online  resource  that  showcases  evaluation. She received her PhD from  the  University  of  Sydney in  Reconciliation  through  Music  and  Art. Her  creative  art  practise  explores  a  variety  of  genres  including  performance  art,  installation,  song  writing,  creative  writing,  painting,  sculpture  and  collage.






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