What is a Guest? What is a Settler?

Ruth Koleszar-Green


This article gathers together some Traditional Knowledge keepers’ understandings concerning the roles and responsibilities of Guests and Hosts. The responsibilities are mapped upon Wampum Belts and in this article include my understanding, as a Haudenosaunee woman. Through discussions with some Knowledge Keepers, examination of the relevant literature, and my own understandings of the issues, I look carefully, at the work of Tuck and Yang (2010) and Lawrence and Dua (2005). I continue with a synthesis of contemporary debates concerning, the underlying complexities of Guests/Settlers roles and responsibilities. I offer differentiations between the descriptive labels in conventional use. My intent is to engage and push non-Onkwehonweh people to challenge their ‘taken-for-granted’ understandings of their ‘rights’, and to encourage them to look with fresh eyes at their understandings of their attendant responsibilities.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18733/cpi29452