Spirit is Collaborative

  • Charlotte Henay York University


Charlotte Henay has used a combination of verse and prose to describe the inclusion of memories that are not included in the history book, a collaborative memory that recalls what is said and left unsaid making the “unseen, visible” , telling our own stories, bringing black and indigenous women’s voices to the forefront. 

Author Biography

Charlotte Henay, York University
Charlotte Henay is a Bahamian diasporic storyteller and researcher who is currently a PhD candidate in Comparative Perspectives and Cultural Boundaries at York University. She works with poetry, lyric, and visual essays in writing about cultural memory to counter extinction myths. Charlotte’s professional background in critical race theory, and experience of being exiled, inform her work in black diasporic feminisms and indigenous feminist studies, and journey through the interstices of blackness and indigeneity, imagining Afro-Indigenous futurities.
Postcolonial Responses