Engagement Strategy for a Racism-Free Workplace


  • John Samuel John Samuel and Associates, Ottawa
  • Nand Tandon John Samuel and Associates, Ottawa




Executive summary of a Canadian qualitative study conducted by John Samuel and Nand Tandon, John Samuel and Associates, Ottawa (2015). Despite being conducted several years ago, the study has remained unpublished until its inclusion in this CPI issue. The research examines systemic issues and barriers encountered by members of the First Nations and visible minorities in the high education segment of the Canadian workplace, barriers that remain in Canada today.

The Engagement Plan for a Racism-Free Workplace forms part of the Labour Program of [the federal government’s] HRSDC’s drive to end race-based discrimination in the workplace faced by Aboriginal peoples and members of visible minority groups. As well, the federal government has made a commitment to removing race-related barriers in the workplace and to consulting racial and ethnic groups in developing public policy to achieve this objective.

Author Biography

John Samuel, John Samuel and Associates, Ottawa

Originally from Kerala, India, Dr. John  Samuel was a civil servant for some 26 years with the Federal Government. He was also a University professor at Carleton University in Ottawa. In retirement he created a successsful consulting business and became an entrepreneur. In 2013, Friesen Press published his autobiography entitled: Many Avatars, One Life: Challenges, Achievements and the Future.