Multisensory Stories


  • Kathleen Sitter University of Calgary



Call for Submissions for the CPI Special Issue (Summer 2021) Multisensory Stories. This Special CPI Issue invites submissions by artists and authors that consider, represent, and centre multi-sensory storytelling as embodied knowledge. We are interested in exploring what it means to value different ways in which we come to know, feel, and experience the world through all of our senses — touch; taste; smell; sound; sight.

Author Biography

Kathleen Sitter, University of Calgary

Guest Editor for this Special Issue, Dr. Kathleen Sitter is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary, and an Adjunct Professor in the Division of Community Health and Humanities of the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. Her research primarily focuses on the theoretical and practical implications of participatory media, which includes the use of still and moving images in collaborative frameworks. She is also Canadian Research Chair (CRC) in Multisensory Storytelling in Research and Knowledge Translation.