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Vol. 14 No. 1 (2022): Posthumanism: A Desire for a New Humanity
Green and Black Light, a photograph by Chandam Suman

Special Issue of Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry, Volume 14, Number 1 (Summer 2022)  with Guest Editors Nikki Fairchild, Carol Lee and Kay Sidebottom.

Published: 2022-12-21

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Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry is an independent, bi-yearly, refereed educational journal that publishes essays, research notes, and book reviews pertaining to the wide and increasingly important intersections of culture, education and the general categories of social and ecological well-being. As an important component of its interdisciplinary foci, the journal assumes the critical relevance of the cultural and pedagogical perspective as the lens to all areas and possible paradigms of educational and socio-cultural developments. And as a geographically and epistemically inclusive publication, Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry values research inspired works that emanate from community projects, and could occasionally publish submissions that fall within the parameters of poetry, text-borne folkloric performances, and artistic expressions. Within this generalist and polycentric perspective, therefore, the journal welcomes works in critical and cultural studies of education, general foundations of education, postcolonial studies in education, comparative and international perspectives of education, citizenship education, gender studies in education, and emancipatory and hope theories of education.

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Ali A. Abdi, University of British Columbia

Cecille DePass, University of Calgary

Book Review Editor

Kathy Sitter, University of Calgary

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Editorial Production Manager: Margaret Dobson (Independent Scholar)

Senior Journal Manager: Elizabeth Hamid (Independent Consultant)

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Carlos Arcila, Independent Scholar

Marie Battiste, University of Saskatchewan

Yvonne Shorter Brown, Independent Scholar

Christine Fox, Wollongong University, Australia

Ratna Ghosh, McGill University

Henry Giroux, McMaster University

Shibao Guo, University of Calgary

Yan Guo, University of Calgary

Celia Haig-Brown, York University

Anne Hudson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Kim Huynh, University of Calgary

Jennifer Kelly, University of Alberta

Enid Lee, Enid Lee Consultants, Santa Cruz, California

Pam Mordecai, Independent Scholar

Hilary Robertson-Hickling, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

Ladi Semali, Pennsylvania State University

Lynette Shultz, University of Alberta

Kathy Sitter, University of Calgary

Swee-Hin Toh, United Nations University of Peace, Costa Rica

Bing Wang, Liaoning Normal University, China

John Willinsky, Stanford University