Vol. 13 No. 1 (2021): Multisensory Storytelling: Creating Different Forms of Knowing, Being and Living in our World

An intuitive self-portrait, inspired by the pieces inclluded in this journal that explore memory through multi-sensory experiences. I tried to create through various ways of knowing. I wanted to make something that you could run yur fingers along, and feel the different textures, the bumps in the grain of the wood, the brush strokes, the paper flowers, the cloth material, all of it. If you got close to it I wanted you to be able to smell the mix of coffee, acrylic paint, and the subtle aroma of dried flowers. I wanted to invoke textures through sight with various patterns and mark making. Lastly, I used past journal entries to create the flowers adding another layer of memory to the artwork that is unique and persona to me, reflecting on how each person's way of remembering is their own. Mihaela Slabe.

Special Issue of Cultural and Pedigogical Inquiry Volume 13, Number 1 (Summer 2021) with Kathleen Sitter, Guest Editor. This issue features the work of artists, film-makers and authors that considers, represents and centres multisensory storytelling as embodied knowledge.

Published: 2022-07-19

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