The Merging of Worlds: Studies in Modern Arabic-Western Literary Interaction
Guest Editors: Milan V. Dimić & Muhammad A. Deeb

Earle Waugh 5

Alexandria as E.M. Forster’s Rainbow Bridge to the Middle East & India: A Comparative Inquiry
Muhammad A. Deeb 10

Some Thoughts on Traditional Hausa Aesthetics, and on Arabic Influence on Yoruba and Hausa Writing Traditions in Nigeria
Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah 24

The Book of Khalid: A Genetic Study Layla Maleh 52

Re-Imagining Purposive Journeys: Rihla in Canadian-Middle-Eastern Immigrant Writing
Earle Waugh 66

Arab Women’s Literary Inscriptions
Evelyne Accad 89

Fundamental Violence: Postcolonial Paradoxes in the Fiction of Tahar Ben Jelloun
Christopher Gibbons 110

The Love of a Woman and a Nation: Desire, Progress, and Reform in Salim al-Bustani’s al-Huyām fi jinān al-Shām
Stephen Sheehi 127

Le dynamisme de l’éducation, du mariage et de la profession de la femme dans Le Printemps Désespéré et Violets
Sonia Ghattas-Soliman 146

The Conception of the poème en prose in Modern Arabic Poetry: Native Tradition and French Influence
Muhammad A. Deeb 174