Ibsen Intercultural: Nora’s Door Slamming Around the Globe
Guest Editor: Antje Budde

How to Slam the Door, or Not to, or Almost, or Maybe... Configurations of a Speculative Moment in the Global Doll House of Patriarchal Order
Antje Budde 145

Sharing A Doll’s House with Islamic Neighbours
Julie Holledge 154

Nneora: An African Doll’s House:
‘A Study of the Virtues of Womanhood’ Awo Mana Asiedu 172

Rescuing Sedna: Doorslamming, Fingerslicing, and the Moral of the Story
Keavy Martin 186

China Doll: A Conversation with Marjorie Chan
Antje Budde and Jacqueline Taucar 201

Nora and Gertrude in “The Same Room” in The Master’s House
Louise H. Forsyth 214

Differently Equal: Ibsen’s Nora, the New Woman and the Evolution of Self-Orientalization in Japan
Sara Osenton 226

Nora’s Children - A Norwegian-Chinese Theatre Adventure
Antje Budde 240

The Critique of Bourgeois Life: Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Nora Helmer
Ronald Ng 255

Playing (with) Gestic Dolls in Mabou Mines DollHouse
Jacqueline Taucar 268

Five Minutes More (Encore cinq minutes) Françoise Loranger,
translated by Louise H. Forsyth 283