The Human, the Not Human and Cultural Contact
Guest Editors: Eugene Eoyang and Irene Sywenky

The Arrogance of the Species: Humanity, Humanitas, and the Chinese Notion of Ren (仁)
Eugene Eoyang 337

The Non-Human in New World Encounter Narratives of the English Renaissance
Frederick Waage 344

Deauthorizing Anthropologies and “Authenticating” Landscapes in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Diamela Eltit’s El cuarto mundo
Nicole L. Sparling 356

Non-Human Animals and Liminal Cultural Space in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi and Victor Pelevin’s The Life of Insects
Irene Sywenky 381

He Do Derrida in Different Voices Eamonn Dunne 396

Biedermeier Postmodernism?
Christian Moraru 404

Mooneeram, Roshni
From Creole to Standard: Shakespeare, Language, and Literature in a Postcolonial Context
George Lang 414

Hilger, Stephanie M.
Women Writing Back: Strategies of Response and the Dynamics of European Literary Culture, 1790-1805
Melanie Adley 417

Spitta, Silvia
Misplaced Objects: Migrating Collections and Recollections in Europe and the Americas
M. Elizabeth Boone 419

Yu, Timothy
Race and the Avant-Garde: Experimental and Asian American Writing Since 1965
Juliana Chang 422

Ty, Eleanor Rose
Unfastened: Globality and Asian North American Narratives
Jessica Tsui Yan Li 424

Chapman, Rosemary
Between Languages and Cultures: Colonial and Postcolonial Readings of Gabrielle Roy
Sophie Marcotte 427

Blum, Cinzia Sartini
Rewriting the Journey in Contemporary Italian Literature: Figures of Subjectivity in Progress
Rebecca West 429