ARTICLES Towards Fred Cogswell’s Paradoxical Poetics of Suggestive Silence, Elaboration, and the Dao’s Nature and Rhythms Wei Li and John Z. Ming Chen 5 The Personal Lyric of Grief Lisa Lai-Ming Wong 27 Vers la construction d’un Dostoïevski monophonique: Hétéroglossies et langage écorché dans les traductions néerlandaises d’avant-guerre des œuvres de Dostoïevski Pieter Boulogne 48 [NOTE: Pieter Boulogne's last name was accidentally misspelled as "Boulongue" in the original table of contents and the article header, but was spelled correctly on the first page of the article. We apologize for the error.] Between Life and Death: On the Art of Mask-Making Elisa Segnini 64 FORUM: RICARDO QUINONES Editor’s Note Jonathan Hart 80 Ricardo Quinones: A Review Jay Martin 82 Dualisms: A Review Matthew Brown 86 Erasmus and Voltaire: A Review Gerald Gillespie 90 FORUM: JILL SCOTT Jill Scott’s A Poetics of Forgiveness Susan Ingram 93 Jill Scott’s A Poetics of Forgiveness: A Review Julie McGonegal 95 Jill Scott’s A Poetics of Forgiveness: A Review Alice MacLachlan 100 Response to Reviews Jill Scott 107