Special Issue Migrants and Their Memories Guest Editors: Tee Kim-Tong & I-Chun Wang The Ancient Future: Diasporic Residency and Food-based Knowledges in the Work of American Indigenous and Pacific Austronesian Writers Joni Adamson 5 “I See Myself Elsewhere”: The Works of Marie Cardinal and Assia Djebar Tzu-Shiow Chuang 18 Walking among Palm Trees: Beauty, Culture, Geography Rudolphus Teeuwen 32 Mixed-race Migration and Adoption in Gish Jen’s The Love Wife Jenny Wen-chuan Chu 45 The “I” in the Deconstruction of Frontiers through Memory: Postcolonial Diasporas Benaouda Lebdai 57 Articulating the Exodus: Place and Memory in Vietnamese-American Women Writers’ Novels Yu-yen Liu 69 The Construction of a New Émigré Self in 20th-Century Russian Paris in Short Stories by Nadezhda Teffi Natalia Starostina 81 On the Migration of Pi: Toward a Rhetoric of Identification Jen-chieh Tsai 94 Colonial Memories: Anxieties, Environment, and Cultural Encounter in Paul Green’s The Lost Colony I-Chun Wang 107 Response New Trees, New Medicines, New Wars: The Chickasaw Removal Linda Hogan 121