Canadian Review of Comparative Literature
Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée
The latest print issue of the CRCL is:

Modernity, Folklore, and Transnational Possibilities
Guest editor: Liyan Shen

Editor’s Note
Jonathan Hart 6

Modernity and Folklore from the Perspective
of Comparative Literature: An Introduction
Liyan Shen 8

Th e Mosaic of Chinese Modernism in Fiction and Film:
Th e Aesthetics of Primitivism, Taoism, and Buddhism
Rujie Wang 14

La novela de la caña:
Insular or International Phenomenon?
Danielle D. Smith 40

Borgès as Megistus: Hermetic Shadows
in an Enlightened Mirror
Lucy Stone McNeece 52

Apuntes on Orientalism in/and Latin American Literature:
Darío, Tablada, Borges, Paz and Sarduy
Gabriela Jauregui 59

Folkloric Elements in Avant-garde Fiction:
Yu Hua’s “One Kind of Reality” and “World like Mist”
Liyan Shen 73

Th e Search for Extratextual Life:
Transcultural Narration in El hablador
Mileta Roe 87

Ramcharitmanas to Dhnoraicharitmanas: An Overview of the
Construction of Identity of an Indian and India
Ronita Bhattacharya 95

Gendered and Classed Aesthetics: Transnational Women’s Art
as Seen in Modotti, Izquierdo, and Brenner
Tabitha Morgan 106

Canada, America, and the Americas:
Th e Quest for a Continental Identity in the New World
Albert Braz 121

Cucendo la Vela: A Polyphonic Journey
through Spanish Literary Time
Milton B. Knutson 131

Haidu, Peter. Th e Subject Medieval/Modern: Text and Governance in the
Middle Ages
Gwendolyn A. Morgan 141

Hill, Janet. Stages and Playgoers: From Guild Plays to Shakespeare
Cindy Chopoidalo 143

Hoeckley, Cheri L. Larsen, ed. Shakespeare’s Heroines: Characteristics of
Women, Moral, Poetical and Historical
Suzanne Gossett 147

Chaouachi, Slaheddine. Les Sensations Orientales et
le Merveilleux dans l’oeuvre de Th éophile Gautier
Lilia Coropceanu 150

Lyu, Claire Chi-ah. A Sun Within a Sun:
Th e Power and Elegance of Poetry
Greg Keeler 153

Simonsen, Karen-Margrethe, Marianne Ping Huang, and Mads
Rosendahl Thomsen, eds. Reinventions of the Novel:
Histories and Aesthetics of a Protean Genre
Patrick Parrinder 155

Zamora, Lois Parkinson. Review of Th e Inordinate Eye:
New World Baroque and Latin American Fiction
Patricia Nisbet Klingenberg 159

Edwards, Brian T. Morocco Bound: Disorienting America’s Maghreb,
From Casablanca to the Marrakech Express
Clement M. Henry 161

Klaver, Elizabeth. Sites of Autopsy in Contemporary Culture
Amanda K. Booher 164