Literature and Globalism: A Tribute to Theo D’haen
Guest Editor: Lieven D’hulst

After Globalism?
Lieven D’hulst 337

World Literature, Circulation, and the Middle Ages
César Domínguez 342

From Ithaca to Beijing: Hu Shih’s Peripheral Centrality
David Damrosch 360

Why Valeurs? Comparative Literature in Mid-Century Alexandria
May Hawas 370

Chinese Literature as World Literature
Wang Ning 380

“Daytsh iz dokh Yidish:” Sholem Aleichem’s Motl the Cantor’s Son as Born-Translated Literature
Michael Boyden 393

D’un sous-ensemble de la littérature mondiale : Les lettres transatlantiques
Jean-Marc Moura 406

Colonialité, subjectivité, et déconstruction dans la pensée d’Édouard Glissant
Buata B. Malela 414

The Afterglow of Postmodernism in Recent Dutch and Flemish Fiction
Hans Bertens 426


The Arabian Nights in the English Popular Press and the Heterogenization of Nationhood: A Print Cultural Approach to Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities
Rasoul Aliakbari 439

Je Sois Autre Moy-Mesmes: Generic Blending and French Heritage in Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life
Caterina Calafat 461

Houellebecq’s Priapism: The Failure of Sexual Liberation in Michel Houellebecq’s Novels and Essays
Benjamin Boysen 477