Special Issue Literary Texts and Contexts: Comparing the World and the World of Comparison Guest Editors: Jonathan Locke Hart, Wu Shang, and Kang Yaru Introduction Literary Texts and Contexts: Comparing the World and the World of Comparison Jonathan Locke Hart 363 Thoughts That Do Lie Too Deep for Tears: Comparative Literature Versus World Literature J. Hillis Miller 378 The Three Futures of World Literature Haun Saussy 397 What Is Left of Comparative Literature and World Literature? Notes on International Literature, Its Concrete Universality and Enigmacity Jean Bessière 407 Comparative Literature: Can This Marriage Be Saved? Dorothy Figueira 420 Worlding Comparative Literature: Beyond Postcolonialism Theo D’haen 436 Aesthetic Imaginary: Rethinking the “Comparative” Ranjan Ghosh 449 The Location of World Literature Galin Tihanov 468 Texts and Images in a National, Comparative, and World Context Jonathan Locke Hart 482 World Poetry, without Baedeker: The Very Idea Ming Xie 501 Personal Geographies and Liminal Identities in Three Early Modern Women’s Life Writings about War I-Chun Wang 510 Love for the World: Shakespeare, National Literature, and Weltliteratur Q.S. Tong 522 Shakespeare’s Global Weirding: Macbeth’s Posting of “Anthropos,” Cinematization, and the Era of Extinction Tom Cohen 537 Articulations in Translation at the Intersection of World Literature and Popular Culture: Film and TV Adaptations of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go Wu Shang 553 Vision and Self-Consciousness in The Picture of Dorian Gray Hao Li 565 Time Has Begun: Hu Feng’s Poesis in Socialist China, 1937-50 Ruth Y.Y. Hung 579 Literature, History, and Narrative: A New Historicist Reading of Yan Geling’s “Celestial Bath” Guo Rong 594 Self-Critique Prompted by Immersion in (An)Other Culture: Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, Xu Zhimo, and Pearl S. Buck King-Kok Cheung 607