Introduction: The Latvian Lācis
Susan Ingram 7

Asja Lācis and Walter Benjamin: Translating Different Cities
Jānis Taurens 15

Die Regisseurin Anna Lācis und der lettische Schriftsteller Linards Laicens: Beziehungsgeschichte
Ieva Kalniņa 31

Anna Lācis and Bernhard Reich: Life and Love in the Theatre
Līga Ulberte 51

Dear Grandmother, How Are You? The Influence of Anna Lācis on the Development of Political Theatre in Latvia
Krista Burāne 69

Seeing Differently: The Film Language of the Latvian Director Laila Pakalniņa
Inga Pērkone 90

Riga Dating Agency: Art, Intimacy, and Narratives of Female Agency in Post-Soviet Latvia
Inga Untiks 103

Modes, Moods, and Musical Puns in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale
Deanna Smid 112

Chaos in Babel: Reconfiguring Biblical Archetypes in Monique Bosco’s Babel-Opéra
Nancy M. Arenberg 128

Percival Everett’s Signifying on Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man in erasure
Robert J. Butler 141

Review Article
The Ethnic Avant-Garde
R. Bruce Elder 153

Book Reviews
Wong, Lawrence Wang-chi,
and Bernhard Fuehrer, eds.
Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Ji Lingjie 162

Phillips, Natalie M.
Distraction: Problems of Attention in Eighteenth-Century Literature
Alexis McQuigge 165

Blum, Hester, ed.
Turns of Event: Nineteenth-Century American Literary Studies in Motion
Melissa Gniadek 169

Bergin, Cathy, ed.
African-American Anti-Colonial Thought 1917-1937
David Mastey 172

Glick, Jeremy M.
The Black Radical Tragic: Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution
Carolyn Fick 174

Mallot, J. Edward
Memory, Nationalism, and Narrative in Contemporary South Asia
Anna Guttman 177

Beggar, Abderrahman
Histoire et mémoire bouraouïennes I
Anne Marie Miraglia 179