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Foreword: Translation and Transformission; or, Early Modernity in Motion
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Le chantier épique d’Hugues Salel : La construction de la première version métrique
de l’Illiade en français
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Jacques Peletier du Mans, traducteur du Canzoniere de Pétrarque
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Marginal Reactions: Responses to Translations of Machiavelli in Early Modern English Marginalia
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Anthony Munday and the Transformission of Some Continental Writings on Women and Love
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The Many Lives of Raleigh’s Ghost: Reframing Atheism and the Afterlife in Early Stuart Britain
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“That Famous Wit and Cavaleer of France”: The English Translation of Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1650s
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Translating the Cabinet of Curiosities in Early Modern England
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Translation, Language, and Dialogue: A Critical Response to Comparative Literature for the New Century
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Comparing Literatures in Canada: Joseph Pivato and the Postculture of Disappearance
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Translingual Practices and Alternatives: Literary Studies in the Age of Global Mobility
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