Introduction: Environmental Ethics through Changing Landscapes: Indigenous Activism and Literary Arts


  • Warren Cariou University of Manitoba
  • Isabelle St-Amand University of Manitoba


"This special issue of the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue canadienne de littérature comparée showcases comparative perspectives on the issues of environmental ethics and activism in Indigenous cultures, and also highlights the relationships among different media and genres of Indigenous creative expression. With its focus on concerns in Canadian culture and literature and beyond in a comparative context, this journal offers us a thought-provoking venue to explore the diverse and interrelated forms of Indigenous creativity, including literature, film, new media, and performance. Our comparative and bilingual approach seeks to explore themes of environmental ethics and activism in a contemporary context in which resource extraction and industrialization are increasingly being countered by indigenized forms of thought and action. In that perspective, we put forward contributions that examine the discourses, aesthetics, and knowledges that are emerging at the intersections of public protest, artistic expression, and environmental ethics."