Book Reviews

Stephen R. Reimer, Kate Rees, Letizia Fusini, Kahlil Chaar-Pérez, Kristin George Bagdanov, Adam Barrows


Reviews of: R. Howard Bloch et al., Rethinking the New Medievalism (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2014); Barbara Vinken, Flaubert Postsecular: Modernity Crossed Out (Stanford: Stanford UP, 2015); A. Kirk Denton, ed., The Columbia Companion to Modern Chinese Literature (New York: Columbia UP, 2016); Victor Figueroa, Prophetic Visions of the Past: Pan-Caribbean Representations of the Haitian Revolution (Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2015); Timothy Morton, Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence (New York: Columbia UP, 2016); Michael Bérubé, The Secret Life of Stories: From Don Quixote to Harry Potter, How Understanding Intellectual Disability Transforms the Way We Read (New York: NYU P, 2016).

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