Digital Culture in Hong Kong Canadian Communities: Literary Analysis of Yi Shu's Fiction

Jessica Tsui-yan Li


"Digital culture generates paradoxical implications in contemporary Hong Kong Canadian communities: it facilitates Chinese Canadians’ transnational and transcultural communication through social media, electronic devices, and travelling across oceans and continents; meanwhile, it creates the risk of alienation due to the users’ over-reliance on technology in communication. Its social influences depend on the choices the users make and the benefits they derive from it. This paper explores the contributions of digital culture to the mobility and diversity of Hong Kong Canadian communities through transnational connection, virtual communities, and cultural innovations, as depicted in Yi Shu's...novels Zongheng sihai (Crossing the Oceans, 1995), Hongchen (Red Dust, 1995), Xian yangguang congpei (The Sunny West Coast, 1988), and Shaonian bu chou (The Youth Have No Worries, 2009)."

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